Hello world!  🤗

I am so excited that you stopped by to check out my blog! This blog is going to be an adventure. A journey for all of us. Through life, love, marriage, parenthood, jobs,  extracurricular activities, carpools, dinners, travel, family, friendships, and so much more!  Here I will share lessons, some big, some small, trials, joys, faith, recipes, and the challenges in today’s world of living in the present, for today.

So I’m sure you are wondering who I am. My name is Shannon Alford. I am a wife to Mark for almost 12 years👰🏻, a mom to Conner who is about to turn 11🚶🏼, and a pediatric nurse for almost 25 years👩🏻‍⚕️. I live in beautiful Colorado Springs and feel pretty blessed to have such an incredible backdrop to our lives.🏔 ( Now if I could just get music piped in at just the right times! )  We have 2 dogs🐶🐶, a shi-poo (shihtzu/poodle) named Pollie, and a Shi-chi (shihtzu/chihuahua) named Bitsie. I am crazy busy most days, but I love to write, and this is the perfect outlet for me to share my life with you, and what I learn from each day. I hope that as we get to know each other, that we can become friends and connect on some level.

So the name of this blog is something that has been difficult for me, but one that I am trying to learn to embrace. I want to be more present in each day. Not let the moments pass me by. Embrace and hang onto each hug, each laugh, each story. I am trying to create memories with the people that I love and fill their love tanks while I have the opportunity.  To put my head on the pillow at night and know that I have loved fiercely, shown kindness and given myself completely. To spend time with God who fills my soul and helps me keep going. To not forget that I am important too and that some days, I am the only one who can take care of me. This is a concept that I had never really thought about. But the more I pondered this, the more I realized that most of my married life I have been trying so hard to plan out our future, that I was missing the things happening right now. Do you do this? Have you ever really thought about it?? I don’t want to just experience a day in my life. I want to experience the life  in my day.

So I invite you on this journey. You will discover my flaws 😳as well as my strengths 🙃 and I promise not every day will be easy, but I know that living this way means every day will be worth it. I want to hear from you.📱💻✉️  I want to hear your stories.📕 I hope we can learn from this life together. Do you have your walking shoes on?👟 (Notice I said walking shoes because we are going to stop running through this life😍)   Come walk beside me in this on this road. Let’s experience the life in our days together!

See you soon!!!