A dear friend recently lost his beautiful wife to a lengthy battle with cancer. I was never able to meet her, but from what I have heard, she was a beautiful soul. She had a love for God, her family and her friends, and she loved her boys with passion. My parents have been following the journey of a family whose teenage son was critically injured in a car accident. Lives can  change in an instant, can’t they.

Fifteen months ago I began to have a joint pain. Then it was accompanied by muscle pain. Then came the fatigue. Physically, I got up every day and trudged through the motions, but mentally, I was tired and sad. Then I stopped sleeping.  There were many days that it was difficult for me to get from the bed to my desk and every movement was painful. There were so many times that Conner wanted to go and do something and I had to say no. It was not a good time for me. In July of this year I started taking some supplements that changed everything. My pain disappeared. I was able to get up and do things again. I started sleeping and my energy came back. I started saying yes again.

Since I have started to feel better I am trying to say yes more. Yes to movies on the couch, yes to hikes in Ute Valley, yes to spending time with my boys. Recently Conner asked if I wanted to go to the YMCA with him and swim.  My initial reaction was to tell him no. It was, after all my only day off. And I am a mom… with a soft, squishy mom body….. and I am not extra fond of swimsuits. But then I started to wonder what I might miss if I didn’t go. So I said yes.

We got to the Y, and as I watched his first lap I noticed that he is swimming much faster. He is pulling more with his arms and his kicking has gotten much stronger. I noticed that all the advice Coach Danny is giving him is being applied. We swam laps for almost two hours. We had races to see who could swim faster, him doing freestyle or me with fins and a kick board. We laughed. We competed to see who could hold their breath longer. He won. And we laughed. Then he watched me swim and told me how to do it better. HE coached ME! And we laughed a whole lot more. Then, on the way out, he put his arm around me (I love that he still does that) and said, “Mom, I am so glad you came with me. This was a lot of fun!” My heart skipped a few beats and I was so glad that I said yes.

Start to pay attention to how often you say no. I was doing it more than I thought I was. Then say yes more. Let the laundry pile up today, and let the dishes sit. Say yes to playing with your kids. Say yes to that movie. Say yes to cuddling on the couch. Say yes to the park. Put on the swimsuit, squishy and all, and say yes to the pool at the Y. Because they are only this age for a little while. They are only at home for a little while. And they are amazing little human beings! Notice how fast they are. How smart they are. How witty they are. When you lay your head down on the pillow at night…. no regrets. Not what you should have done. But what you did. Say yes more. Because lives can change in an instant. Say yes today. This is the life in your day!!