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Date Night

Everyone has heard about the “daddy daughter dance”.  You know, the one where dads get all dressed up and take their little girls out to a dance or party. These are meant to help girls realize their worth, and a chance for dads to teach the girls how they should expect to be treated someday from the young men that later ask to take them out. I know some communities also have similar events for moms and their young men. Like many parents, we understand that we have a responsibility to teach our son how to treat a lady, so Conner and I have dates. 

Last night we went on a date. I blocked off time on my calendar so that nothing could interfer. We got dressed up… well ok, I got dressed up. Conner wanted to wear his slick pants because he lost his belt. You see, Conner always wears slick pants. This is what he has always called athletic pants. It is very difficult to get him to wear jeans or dress pants. But after a short time arguing, I gave in.  It would be a source of conversation at dinner. He got to choose where we ate and chose his favorite, Panda Express.

At dinner , conversation was not lacking . We talked about school, our upcoming vacation, and we talked about why it was sometimes important to wear something other than slick pants. We finished eating and we had a little time to kill, so we sat at Panda making up stories about the people that were eating, and played a riveting game of eye spy.

After dinner we went downtown to the Pikes Peak Center to see the acapella group Home Free. Something you should know about Conner is that he loves to sing, like his mama. We had recently gone to a John Denver tribute in Estes Park and he was less than impressed. He spent the whole concert asking when we could go home. ( #nothiscupatea#).  His favorite group is Pentatonix, but we have not been able to catch them close enough to Colorado Springs to be able to see them. Our extended family saw them at the Iowa State Fair the day before school started here, and Conner was so upset that we couldn’t go with them. Such is life, right! So Home Free is a little more country, but I took a chance that he would like them. He not only liked them, he LOVED them! They put on a fabulous and engaging show. Their music was incredible! At one part of the concert, the beat boxer did a solo performance and we were amazed at how many sounds he could make with just his mouth! We clapped, we shouted, and we sang. A lot. And loud! At one point Conner’s voice was cracking! They were amazing! At the end of the concert, Home Free announced that they were going to be doing autographs. Conner looked at me and said,” Mom, can we stay for this?”To tell the truth, I said yes, because I didn’t want the evening to end! 

To finish off our evening, we went to Josh and Johns, an ice cream shop in the downtown area. As we walked from our car to the shop, Conner held my hand 🙂 He got chocolate with sprinkles, and I got a peach smoothie, and then we shared. We listened all the way home to the CD we had bought at the concert, with the windows down, singing st the top of our lungs.

When we got home, his sweet dad had washed all the bedding and drawn a bath and had candles waiting for me. Yet another small act of love that Conner can learn from. Conner fell asleep on the floor of our bedroom! 

Do you have dates with your kids? Moms with your boys, dads with your girls? One on one. They don’t have to be anything as elaborate as last night, but be intentional.   Put them on your calendar and block off that time. Call them dates. Let your kids feel special.  Give them your full attention. No phones, no interruptions. And over time, teach them about how they should treat the people they date, and what to expect from that person. Most importantly, create memories!

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The Power of Love

The power of love is really amazing. I see it in my own family and in the world around us. We all react better when we are faced with something in love rather than anger, blame or hatred. Criticism seems kinder and easier to take in, problems seem smaller and more surmountable.  I have had several moments this week to witness the power of love and how it changes the situation, and how it changes people.

How to Handle the Bully

Usually, when I pick Conner up in the car line he is chatty and excited to share his day with me. Yesterday was different. He was quiet and reserved. In a nutshell, he said that another child said something mean to him in front of several other kids. He was embarrassed and his feelings were hurt. We had similar issues with this same child at the end of the year last year. My initial reaction was anger. I wanted to call the teacher. Have a conference with the other boys parents. I wanted him to be in trouble. But how does that help Conner? It doesn’t.  Instead, I decided to help my son learn about the power of love. We discussed that often people demean others because they are missing something in their own lives like confidence, kindness or love. I reminded Conner how proud we are that he treats other kids with kindness and respect. Then we talked about how he could handle a similar situation in the future. Lastly, I challenged Conner to say one kind thing to the other child every day for 30 days, knowing that this may change the other boys heart, but as importantly, it will change my son’s.

The New Concept of Love

We have friends who were unable to have kids on their own.  After many years of prayer, they have decided to adopt a 13 year old girl from the foster system. Her story before included family in drugs, abuse and her caring for her siblings as a young child. Everything she has known has been survival. Now, she has parents taking an interest in her and being a part of her life. They are providing her an opportunity to do things she has never done before like swimming and hiking. When there are issues  they sit down and talk about it. She now has parents who are loving her unconditionally, every minute of every day. They see the beauty and potential hidden beneath her surface. They know that love will be they key to the lock that is holding her hostage. And she is responding. Apologizing when she was short with her mom, and thanking her for talking things out instead of screaming at her. She is trying new things, even when it might be uncomfortable.  There is power in love.

In a world that is troubled, and often disappoints, I know that how we act and react speaks to the core of our character. As we move forward at my house, we will continue to believe that love has power. That love always wins. And that love starts with the man in the mirror.  Love is in action not words. It is not until we change ourselves, that love is able to change the world.

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